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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Let your water enhancer enhance your other beverages!

When you first start reducing the amount of sugary beverages that you consume, the taste of artificial sweeteners took some getting used to. One product that I have completely fallen in love with is the Equate brand (from Walmart) Lemonade Water Enhancer.

It is a liquid product similar to Splash and MIO that you squirt into a bottle of water to give it flavor. But me being me, I have found other uses for it. When I order unsweetened tea at a restaurant or at a fast food joint, I have found that you have to add too many packets of artificial sweetener (I prefer sucralose AKA Splenda) to sweeten it and then I like to add lemon. It is a pain to squeeze a bunch a of lemon wedges to the drink, so out comes the Equate from my purse (yes, I have bottles at work, home and in my purse).

I might use a Hawaiian Punch packet in my water and then squeeze the lemon Equate to it. I do the same thing with the Arizona brand Arnold Palmer tea/lemonade. The flavor is a little too subtle for me.  I like my tea sweeter and I need to kick it up a notch; so you already what I have to pull out. LOL.

Lemon is my favorite fruit flavor and this product is awesome. I am sure MIO, Splash and other brands are great too. But the Equate one is cheaper. So when I hit Wally World, I buy a bunch of them.

Give it a try and tell me what you think.

Saturday, July 06, 2013

Star Trek Anti-Racism, Let That Be Your Last Battlefield | My10Online

Star Trek Anti-Racism, Let That Be Your Last Battlefield | My10Online

I'm watching this episode again right now. I last saw this episode as a little kid. I thought, "How stupid. Why are they fighting because one guy is black on the left side and the other guy is black on the right. What difference does it make?" That was the point of the episode and the genius of Star Trek and science fiction. This genre holds up a mirror in a way without offending, while still getting the message across.