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Monday, June 18, 2012

PMS, need I say more?

I just have to ask, do any of you deal with PMS on a consistent basis? Like clockwork, I get moody and straight up evil (thought wise) before my period. Everything aches, I get cramps, moody, tired and I am just miserable. Arthritis, fibromyalgia, and especially my hidradenitis flare up (and pain is enough to piss me off).

Not to mention pain from uterine fibroids and cysts on my ovaries. Ugh!

This time of the month, I get pissed off just by people talking to me. I literally sit there and think, "why are you still breathing?" I try to make an effort to isolate myself so that I don't take it out on others. I've been pretty successful at it.

Thank goodness I can close my office door at work. I came to work this morning with a funky attitude, pissed off that people were bugging me via email. The rational side of me knows that this is completely ridiculous. And it really is. I still somehow manage to be courteous and professional. But each month when I start feeling this way, I know what time it is. I generally like to crawl into my bed and chill with a heating pad and avoid phone calls if I can.

So am I the only psycho out there, or can someone else relate? I haven't slapped anybody, but man it is tempting.

Just so that you know, I'm a pretty easy going person. It takes a lot to rattle my cage, unless I'm going through PMS. ;)

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Finding someone to hold me financially accountable

I just finished the Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University course. In it, Dave recommends that singles find someone to whom they can be accountable. I considered asking my frugal yet money savvy friend, Monica, but I chose my mom since we live near each other. Also, my mom is super frugal (ok, cheap); but, as a result, she and my dad are comfortably retired. When I asked her, I understood that this would give my mom a free pass to be all up in my business and to pass judgment on what I do financially.

I also gave my mom the account number, checks, etc. to my emergency savings in my money market account with the understanding that if I ask for the checks, etc., I will have to justify to her satisfaction that I have a legitimate emergency before she will give me access to it. We also defined what we consider a legitimate emergency. My tire blowing out because my car needs new tires isn’t an emergency; it is a personal problem due to poor planning. Once I get a better handle on what is a real emergency, I will get my checks back from her.

To make a long story short, I told my mom that I took Eddie to the movies. Because he is 16 and doesn’t have a job right now, I paid for the movie. My mom’s response was that I obviously had not learned anything because the money I spent on the tickets could have went towards savings. I had to shake my head. I told her that although I need to make some more cuts, that don’t mean that I can never do anything until my car and house are paid off, my retirement is fully funded, or all debt is eliminated. There has to be a reasonable balance between making reasonable cuts in spending and being a hermit.