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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Roux-en-Y gastric bypass pre-op

Tomorrow I take the next step in my journey. I was hoping to have a gastric sleeve but I knew based on my research that the roux-en-Y was best option, so it wasn’t hard for the surgeon to convince me of that. I will be doing my psych evaluation and meeting with the nutritionist. I am eager to be compliant. I haven’t had a soda in a week. It would have been longer but I had a few sips of Sprite because I was nauseated.
I had someone who doesn’t know my health situation tell me that all I need is to join a gym. Hello, the best thing is water aerobics because of my joints and back, but that is out right now because the hidradenitis is flaring. And that is just nasty to get in a pool that other people have to get it when you open wounds – for both me and them. I hate it when people take this attitude, BUT if you haven’t been where I've been, don’t tell me where to go or how to get there, especially if you aren’t willing to take the time to educate yourself about my situation.
I digress. I just hate it when people think they know what you have or haven’t done or tried or what you are going through. I’m excited about tomorrow. I will post what I learn just in case someone is curious.

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